New Year Repairs for a New Looking Home

By December 5, 2012Traditions Property Blog

This time of year everyone begins thinking about all the ways they can improve their lives. We start talking about New Year’s resolutions, and if you are better than most of us then you might remember what your resolution is by the time February rolls around. I started by using some help from Painting Joplin to make my house look more new with some new paint.

Well, what if instead of concentrating on all the little things you’d like to change about yourself you thought a bit more about the things you could change about your home. There is never a better time to do a little home improvement project. As you have off from work on New Year’s Day and sit and ponder all the ways this year is going to be different, pick up a paint brush and get to work.

Whether you’ve recently purchased a Florida foreclosure or are in the process of listing your home as a property sale in Jacksonville, chances are your home could use a little bit of care. There is no better time to put a bit of love into the appearance of your home than New Year’s Day. Get the year started off right with simple DIY tricks for around the house.

Fixing Up your Home for New Year’s

One of the biggest improvements you can make to your home over the course of one day is the welcome entrance. Your front door says worlds about your home. It gives people a huge first impression of who might be living on the other side of it. Whether the door is a standard cut with a plain coat of paint or is an antique with beautiful panes of glass that are crying to be washed, the amount of TLC that you put into your front walkway will say a lot to the rest of the world that passes by your front door. If you are planning on replacing the glass on your front door but don’t end up with the right measurements don’t worry because you can always do some glass cutting.

Your roofs are also part of your home’s exterior so it should never be neglected. The help of a leading residential and commercial roofing services like James Kate Construction company will ensure a beautifully installed roof that surely stand up to the elements and anything beyond normal wear and tear.

You can also contact roofing services to get help from a roof tile repair contractor to preserve the aesthetics and integrity of your tile roofing and provide necessary residential roofing services like a new roof installation or repair.

Here are a few quick ways that you can spruce up the entire front appearance of your house, all in the course of New Years day:

  • Paint the door red! Forget the town; your door is the only thing that needs a little bit of red paint. The color red says a lot about who you are, and draws a lot of attention to your doorway. Painting your door red is a great way to divert attention away from other aspects of your home or yard that are going to be harder to fix, like a struggling garden or open window.
  • Plant a container garden. Here in Florida it can be difficult to keep up with the growing seasons. Just when the plants adjust to the warm spring days the 100 degree summer sun settles in, and then once the heat sways and your plants are ready to thrive it is the dry season and watering becomes a hassle. If you want to plant a garden on the roof, it is important that you learn how to protect your roof. Container gardens are great because the containers add more substance, making a little bit of gardening go a long way. Plus, plants in containers are easier to take care of and require less water than those in the ground, also you can get help from A&J Tree Service 731 E Huntington Dr, Monrovia, CA 91016 (626) 550-6271 is a great source to help you cutting trees or removing them to have more space in your garden.

Simple DIY tricks like the ones listed above will only take you half a day and can make a huge difference in the way the front of your house looks. You should also read these Professional Tricks and Tips For Stucco Repair as suggested by Depend Exteriors. Small changes like these can even impact the status of your house as you hope for a property sale soon.