Non-Profits Getting a Home of their own in Downtown Jacksonville

By October 20, 2013Traditions Property Blog

One Spark may only come once a year, but the spirit of the community oriented event seems to have taken hold. Plans have been announced to update the Hayden Burns library downtown into an office space dedicated to non-profit organizations. This is a huge undertaking, and the project is not expected to be finished until the end of 2014 or even the early months of 2015.

Non-profit organizations don’t often get to peruse property sales for a downtown office, but the Jesse Pall DuPont fund is hoping to create a space that gives successful non-profits more choices.

Many non-profit organizations don’t have dedicated office space, putting the bulk of their funds into the cause that they work for. This sort of building renovation would give non-profit groups a dedicated place downtown where they can work together, helping them to team up for more community projects like happened during One Spark.

This project is being funded by the Jesse Pall DuPont fund, which has put down more than $20 million dollars to create a dedicated space for non-profits in the Jacksonville community. The Jesse Pall DuPont group itself will be housed in about 10 percent of the building, but the rest will be dedicated to non-profit organizations who are looking to make an impact in the Jacksonville community.

Non-profits serve a valuable role in Jacksonville. Their goal is to deliver support to community members in need, offering protection for children, animals, the environment and even support for our veterans. Non-profits work hard without receiving much in return, often dependent on the time and donations of volunteers who are passionate about the cause they serve.

The annual One Spark event made an effort to get people more excited about the different non-profit initiatives in town. The renovation of this historic building further encourages this goal, facilitating a positive attitude and spirit of gratefulness towards our community’s non-profit organizations.