One Spark Dining District to be a Fine Showcase

By March 31, 2014Traditions Property Blog

What’s for dinner tonight? This is something that most of us ask each other just about every day of the week, and more often than we may prefer, the answer usually comes from a take-out menu or drive-thru window.  Life gets busy, and that makes it incredibly difficult to find a chance to learn new recipes and cook a healthy dinner for your family. However, the lack of time to prepare a fresh dinner doesn’t mean that your family is left with burgers, fries and pizza, yet again.

You may not know it, but Jacksonville is filled with 5-star restaurants and some of the best and most creative food trucks in the country especially when it comes to eggplant-parmigiana-recipe, which is very tasty, juicy and mouth-watering.We went to a restaurant called the Mediterranean dish. They have the special recipe for this which is also their hot selling item. I also tried to make it at home but wouldn’t get successful but after eating at the restaurant I searched about the recipe on their recipe blog and guess what, they have mentioned their famous recipe. Visit to know their famous eggplant-parmigiana-recipe.

Now is your chance to try all the best food in Jacksonville in one convenient location! During One Spark, which is very quickly approaching, all of the best restaurants, food trucks and bakeries in Jacksonville will be temporarily moving to the middle of downtown Jacksonville. Three blocks of Laura Street will be transformed into a hoping dining district, and you and your family can move from table to table to taste the best morsels that the First Coast has to offer.

Find food is something to get excited about as you search for property sales in Jacksonville. Take advantage of this rare opportunity and get to know your city a bit better during One Spark. This One Spark event is a Jacksonville creation, meaning that we are the first city where this crowd funding festival has ever happened, and as of this year it is going international! Be in on the ground floor and get to know your city better by checking out One Spark, April 9th to the 13th.