Optimism Surrounds Property Sales in Jacksonville

There is a rising optimism among many homeowners over the price of property sales across the country. According to one of the latest National Housing surveys sponsored by Fannie Mae, about half of all American property owners expect the pricey of their house to increase within the next 12 months.

For the fourth month in a row the percentage of homeowners who think their property may lose value in the next year remains at an incredibly low 10 percent.

This is good news for those who are hoping to sell their property in Jacksonville, as property values are not expected to fall in the near future. In recent years, many property owners have been holding onto their property despite their desire to sell out of a fear of not receiving the maximum value for their home.  With such a high rate of optimism concerning the housing market more people are likely to try selling their homes, and with housing prices on the rise there are plenty of buyers who are hoping to take advantage of housing prices while they are still low.

Across the country, housing prices are expected to rise just over two percent over the next 12 months. This is a large increase over the rate of growth experienced by the housing market in recent years, especially when compared to the rate of annual change experienced just five years ago when prices were steadily dropping.

Even with this increase in property prices, now is still a good time to buy property sales, especially here in Jacksonville where foreclosures and short sales are still plenty. At the moment, many real estate experts are reminding buyers that with prices on the rise, local property sales are only going to grow more expensive.