Property Sale Refinancing: Be Weary At Retirement

Retirement. This is one word that can evoke feelings of longing, confusion and absolute dread all at the same time. Everyone looks forward to their retirement in active adult communities or even in 55 plus communities for a wonderful lifestyle. As you can see from this senior assisted living elk grove, ca, thoughts of spending time with loved ones and enjoying long days at home, working on hobbies that sat neglected over the years can make just about anyone smile. That being said, a healthy retirement isn’t something that can be achieved without senior healthcare services.

To enjoy a good retirement you need to start with a Retirement planning at a young age and stay smart about how you manage investments as retirement approaches with lots of costs coming like Full Service Assisted Living that many may need to hire at an elderly age. This includes how you are managing your property sales and foreclosures in Jacksonville.

A lot of people look at refinancing opportunities as positive ways to manage the investment you’ve made into your Jacksonville property, and while this is true, it is not always a good idea for everyone. There are some people who may benefit from staying away from refinancing opportunities. This is especially true for those who are closely approaching retirement age and looking for a retirement home community. Visit to see this kind of community.

Refinancing close to retirement is a bad idea for several reasons:

Refinancing means more interest, again. When you start making mortgage payments you almost always start paying down the interest first. So when you get t the later years on a payment plan your payments are going towards owning your home outright. When you refinance you go back to square one, sort to speak.

Refinancing means longer payment terms. A lot of people are attracted to the idea of refinancing because it means they will have lower mortgage payments, but what if you just paid off your house altogether? By refinancing you might get your monthly payment lowered by half or even more, but you’ll be paying it another 5 to 10 years longer.

For those approaching retirement, it often makes more sense to stick it out and try to push back retirement just one or two years to pay off your home before exploring new investment opportunities at lower rates. Talk with your real estate expert to learn more about how investment properties can factor into your retirement plan.