Property Sales a Huge Part of American Culture

By February 24, 2013Traditions Property Blog

Having a comfortable place to live is an essential aspect of the illustrious “American Dream,” but what does that mean in essence? For many people, including many people who take advantage of rental property management opportunities in Jacksonville, this means buying a home. Looking at property sales in Jacksonville is much more than an investment opportunity or a house to keep your belongings. For a house to become a home it has to become a part of you, and that is what so many people are trying to envision as they look through property sales, foreclosures and yes, even rental opportunities here on the First Coast.

LendingTree recently conducted a survey to better understand the current attitude towards owning a home—especially in light of the number of foreclosures that have happened in the United States over the past several years and the difficulty in finding and maintaining employment for so many Americans. It was found that a high majority of Americans still consider owning a home to be an integral aspect of the American dream. In fact, the number was as high as 79 percent! About 76 percent of adults surveyed think they could sell their home if they wanted to, find a new home when they wanted to, and obtain the mortgage they would need to make that purchase as soon as they were ready. This is a huge boost of consumer confidence in the housing market, and it goes to show just how much American’s value owning their own home.

Owning a home has long been a staple of comfort. Old classic shows like “Leave it to Beaver” immortalized the image of the white picket fence with comfortable beds and a beautiful front lawn for the children to play. In reality, the perfect home for you varies just about as vastly as the ideal family does for everyone. Whether you prefer the urban setting of a convenient town-home or a large ranch style home with lots of land, there is something for everyone out there. Luckily, you have the help of real estate professionals who can guide you to find your perfect home. When you are ready to start looking to fulfill the next step in your American dream, contact us!