Property Sales as Good as New with $1 DIY Tricks!

By December 31, 2012Traditions Property Blog

Whether you recently purchased a traditional property sale in Jacksonville or have invested in a Florida foreclosure, there is one thing that you are likely going to encounter—home repairs. Even the most fixed up model home is hiding a few scratches and dents somewhere within the couple hundred square feet of living space. After spending a great deal of money on your home while purchasing your property sale or foreclosure, the last thing you will want to do is contact a contractor when the smallest things go wrong. But that doesn’t mean you are up for ignoring the blemishes as they make themselves known.

The answer to your problems could be dollar store DIY tricks. Everything from a scratch in your countertop to a hole in a window screen can be patched and corrected with less than $5 spent. All you need are a few tips to get started and a little bit of elbow grease to put into the task.

Here are a few cheap and simple fixes for some of the most common problems you’ll encounter when you purchase your home:

  • Scratch in the counter top: All you will need to correct this problem is a box of crayons and a spatula knife. Find a crayon that matches the color of your counter top and melt it on a paper plate or other device that you don’t mind ruining. Keep an eye on the crayon, the length of time it will need to be in the microwave will depend on how much of a crayon you decided to melt and how powerful your microwave is. Start with one minute. Once the crayon is hot, pour it on your counter top and work it into the crack. Use the knife spatula to carefully scrape away the excess crayon; just make sure not to scratch up the countertop in the process!
  • Hole in the screen: Whether your cat tore a hole in the screen or another mishap is letting pesky bugs fly into your living room, you can fix the hole easily by applying clear nail polish to it. Liberally apply the clear nail polish to the area with the hole. As it dries it will reinforce the tear. Keep in mind that this will only work for minor tears.

What are some other common problems that you run into in your home? Do you know of any cheap and simple tricks that make for great DIY home solutions? Share your experiences in a comment below!