Property Sales at the Jacksonville Landing

By November 15, 2013Traditions Property Blog

What is the future of the Jacksonville Landing?

The Landing is easily one of Jacksonville’s most iconic landmarks. The building sits along the banks of the St. Johns River and is home to races, festivals, parties and concerts throughout the year. However, when there is not a planned event going on, the landing isn’t home to much action.

In recent years, several restaurants have settled in along the river parcels of the Jacksonville Landing, but the inside of the small mall remains largely empty. Talk about the Landing’s future comes up throughout the town every couple of years, and now a few developers are starting to share their insight on the subject.

Could the Jacksonville Landing be home to residences in the future?

If that is so, then there might be some property sales coming to the Landing! Certain people in town, including the Downtown Investment Authority, are taking a serious interest in making improvements to the building. Their suggestion is to turn the establishment into a mixed-purpose building. Instead of just being home to a few stores and restaurants, the developers are interested in potentially introducing offices or even residential properties to the space.

The owners of the Jacksonville landing are in talks with the Downtown Investment Authority and city planners to make big changes to the building. Fans of the Jacksonville Landing should keep their eyes open for changes in the near future.