Property Sales Going Back to School!

By January 17, 2013Traditions Property Blog

When it comes to purchasing a home, whether it is a traditional property sale in Jacksonville or one of the many Florida foreclosures that are luring so many people into home ownership here on the First Coast, there are several environmental aspects that just about everyone considers. The neighborhood, the local amenities and access to support systems like family, hospitals and fire stations are just a few of the considerations many people make prior to buying a home.

Perhaps one of the biggest things people look at in the area where they hope to move is the quality of the local schools. And unfortunately for many people, the local school associated with a property can be a deal breaker if it has a poor enough outlook—despite the many benefits that the home itself may have to offer.

This is one aspect of property sales that more people are looking at in the wake of the housing crisis in Florida. Even the Florida Governor Rick Scott has recently announced initiatives to create better schools throughout the state in hopes of boosting home values and property sales.

Schools in Florida are judged on a wide range of criteria. While test scores are the most widely publicized measure of academic achievement in Florida public schools, things like having talented sport teams, a close network of teachers who are available to reach out to the students and good school amenities like well-kept fields, technology in the classroom and healthy school lunches all affect parents’ decisions to relocate into a particular school district.

It is out of the hands of the person looking at property sales to make changes in a school or school district to make a certain neighborhood more attractive, but there are ways to make the best out of a mediocre situation. Magnet schools, private schools and advanced placement programs can make schools that are rated as only okay the atmosphere for success for young, growing minds.

As you explore property sales in Jacksonville, explore what options are available at the schools in the communities you are interested in moving into. A school is an important aspect of the decision to purchase a home, so do your research and make sure you are buying a home associated with a school system you are proud of.