Property Sales Heat Up for Gaming Centers in Jacksonville

By February 1, 2014Traditions Property Blog

It was about a year ago that the city of Jacksonville started enforcing legislation to limit the presence of gaming centers in the First Coast. These gaming centers include internet cafes and other similar establishments that feature wifi and have computer games set up for people to enjoy. The city started to crack down on these centers last year after realizations that these internet cafes are actually hot beds for gambling, something that is both illegal and greatly frowned upon throughout the State of Florida.

However, this hasn’t stopped these internet cafes from thriving. The legislation that passed last year was not enough to completely outlaw the gaming centers—though it was enough to push many of the internet cafes out of business. A lot of business owners shut their doors in fear of trouble from the State, but the ones who stayed open actually saw a moderate surge in business. Instead of cowering, internet cafes have been thriving.

As a result, the number of internet cafes in Jacksonville is actually on the rise, and many of these small business owners are taking advantage of Jacksonville’s healthy housing market and smarty property sales to find the perfect commercial real estate location. In years past buying a property sale in Jacksonville might have seemed like a gamble, but these gaming centers know the gambling business and they say that buying in Jacksonville right now is a sure bet.

In the mean time, many Jacksonville residents are enjoying the fun games that the centers are bringing. And as the State continues to regulate and watch for gambling, more people are feeling safe heading into these internet cafes in knowing that they aren’t in danger of falling into a gambling trap.