Property Sales: Prohibition Era Style

Jacksonville is by no means a small town. In fact, by square footage alone our first coast ranks as the largest city in the whole country.  Yet, there is still so much about jacksonville that preserves that small town feel. The few choices in fine night – life establishments downtown make that easy to see.
However,  believe it or not, this is not the way Jacksonville used to be. There is a rich history of fun places to spend your free moments across the first coast, and now there is a new bar in town to celebrate part of that history.
The Volstead combines old world charm with stiff drinks in a friendly atmosphere.  It gets its name from a 1920s bootlegger who called Jacksonville his home during the age of prohibition.

The bar itself is a true 1920s speak easy. From the road you won’t know what you are missing.  The front room gives the vibe of a casual cafe, but take a step through the curtains and you’ll be in the middle of a grand whiskey bar. The girls are dressed to the theme, with feathers to boot. The men are in classy wear and the drinks are classic,  with a new world spin on an alternative menu. Have a true old fashioned followed by a new fashioned and enjoy living a bit of Jacksonville’s history.

The search for property sales in Jacksonville gets stressful,  but taking a step into a bar like the Volstead will remind you why you are trying to buy a home on the first coast.