Rental Property Management in Jacksonville’s Downtown Core is Thriving, Finally.

By September 21, 2012Traditions Property Blog

Well, maybe thriving is an overstatement—but it is a fact that more and more renters are flocking to Downtown Jacksonville. Rental property management in Jacksonville’s downtown area has always taken a backseat to the more suburban communities on Jacksonville’s Southside or near the beaches. But that is all starting to change. For an area that is low on rental opportunities and high on vacant buildings, the urban core of Jacksonville is seeing a great deal of traffic by young professionals who are hoping to rent homes closer to where they hope to also find work.

The occupancy rate of downtown Jacksonville is currently the highest it has been in eight years. The downtown area’s problem with low occupancy rates has been around longer than the economic downturn that has left so many other areas around the country in desperate need of new occupants. Downtown Jacksonville lacks many of the amenities that renters—particularly young renters—are looking for, like a thriving night life, access to local shopping, restaurants and easy transit.

Unfortunately, until more people are willing to move into the downtown area, developers will remain hesitant to bring new businesses to accommodate those crowds. While certain parts of the Jacksonville urban core have resources close by, there is still much to be had in the way of these basic amenities throughout most of the downtown district.

However, it appears that renters might begin to elicit those much needed changes in Jacksonville’s urban core. For the first time in nearly a decade, rental property management specialists are building waiting lists for young professionals to move into the few apartment homes currently available in the area. Hiring movers to pack up your belongings could cost you an extra few hundred bucks or more, offers the best prices take a look. While there are still Jacksonville foreclosures and other property sales opportunities in the area, a lot of the current focus is on accommodating renters who are willing to take the plunge and begin living in the downtown area right away. Due to this, investment properties in the downtown area are a big commodity at the moment.

As interest in the downtown area continues to grow and more people are moving into the heart of downtown Jacksonville, one can only expect that the businesses young professional’s desire are soon to follow, and with that perhaps a continued influx of people hoping to live in the area. If you’re one of those people, then you should contact this moving company houston to avoid the headaches of packing and moving to your newly found home.

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