Residential Property Management and Unity Plaza

Unity Plaza and 220 Riverside have been the talk of the town for the past several months, and as the buildings are finished the talk about this community development is nowhere close to over. Unity Plaza has gone from being a figure of our imaginations to something that is very close to tangible, and along with this massive transformation comes something that makes the future of Unity Plaza look a bit more real and unique after the water damage restoration contractors like the water damage restoration in Miami, Florida workers worked on the area.

They haven’t even opened the grounds, but already Unity Plaza has re-branded. The new branding attempt makes sense, too. For the past year Unity Plaza has been fund raising and trying to promote its location to the business and real estate world, but now the community center is getting ready to open its doors to the public, and that means it needs a new logo, a new branding campaign and ultimately a new image that will help promote its existence to the heart of the Riverside, Avondale and Downtown community. check out the original source for more information about property management.

We are already thrilled about the opening of Unity Plaza and 220 Riverside, and personally cannot wait to see what fun events come into being down Riverside Avenue. The luxury apartments at 220 Riverside are currently under lease, and businesses are talking about moving into Unity Plaza as soon as the brick and mortar are ready for them, if you want other options then don’t worry, there are lots of other luxury apartments to choose from in the area. The entire development is great for the community, especially for property sales and residential property management in this area of Jacksonville.

So, the new logo is just the start of the many new things to come out of Unity Plaza in the very near future.