Running from Property Sales in Jacksonville?

By February 28, 2014Traditions Property Blog

It’s not a joke –buying a house can get stressful. As you go around from neighborhood to neighborhood comparing property sales in Jacksonville, you may quickly grow more in the mood to start pulling your own hair out than to inspect the size of another bedroom. And of course, looking at property sales in Jacksonville is just the start of the fun. Once you find a house you get to pack up all of your belongings and move!

Yet, property sales are fun in a lot of ways. You just need to know how to not let the process stress you out and how to make an informed choice with a calm mind. One way to manage the stress of buying a home is to go for a run. Feeling really stressed? 26.2 miles with Donna might do the trick!

Every year in February thousands of Jacksonville locals lace up their running shoes and take to the beach to tackle 26.2 miles with Donna. This is the biggest marathon to hit the first coast every year, and it is all to raise money for breast cancer research.

The race is great for all ages and personalities. People take to the course in costumes, tutus and classic running gear. Most of the people who take part in the race are training all year to handle the long distance run. Others feel the need to push themselves to accomplish something great after watching a loved one go through the struggle that is breast cancer. Either way, the 26.2 with Donna is never a letdown.

Almost every year, weather seems to be a factor in this race, and this year the result was no different. A rainy and overcast day meant the runners were trying to keep warm. Severe thunderstorms meant that for some of the runners, the race had to be cut short. However, that didn’t mean the rain put any damper on the fun.

If you are feeling stressed from the pressures of buying a home, consider going for a run! There are plenty of great races, from 5ks to full marathons that will help you explore Jacksonville while getting some exercise!