Slow Down, Jacksonville!

By January 28, 2014Traditions Property Blog

If you’ve been paying attention to what is going on along our roadways, then you may have noticed the installation of stop light cameras throughout Jacksonville. The cameras were installed several months ago, but haven’t been used as of yet. Now, the Jacksonville Police Department has announced that the camera’s will be turned on and enforced starting in the very near future. That means that starting soon, if you run a red light you’ll have to be ready to pay the fine—whether there is a law enforcement official to catch you in the act immediately or not.

The lights are currently at a select number of major intersections throughout Jacksonville , including along Southside Blvd, Baymeadows Blvd, Beach Blvd and Roosevelt—all of which are major thoroughfares in Jacksonville.

You can view a complete list of where the cameras are installed here. There are more than 30 cameras already working throughout the city, and more are expected to be turned on and installed soon.

If you are caught running a red light, the cameras will take a photo of you and of your license plate. You will then receive a citation in the mail documenting your offence, connected with a fine.

It is true that searching for the ideal property sale or rental property management opportunity feels like a race sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you are racing the rest of Jacksonville to see the home. Slow down when you are on the roads and don’t run any of those lights! You may just save yourself a pretty penny by being more cautious on the roads.