Springfield Apartment Complex Breeding Controversy

By August 31, 2014Traditions Property Blog

There is a large debate surrounding a to-be-built housing complex in the Springfield neighborhood of historic Jacksonville. The debate surrounding this particular housing complex isn’t coming from the usual suspects, however. Typically, when a housing development is being discussed, there are some members of the community who will protest the destruction of historic property or damage to the environment—or even the building of a development without proper roads. But in Springfield, the new development is bringing in a heated debate of another sort entirely—the debate over how much a community should do to support those less fortunate.

The new development is going to be mixed purpose, but with one goal in mind. The housing will be provided at a low-rate to support people who are homeless and who have struggled with substance abuse, but who have made the choice to live a sober life. The retail parcels are going to help support the housing it is mixed with by providing jobs for the sober-living residents. If you want to look at other options first, then consider checking out some waterfront apartments.

The debate over this is that the development will bring in people who have had colorful pasts, but proponents of the building say that this is exactly what Springfield needs, otherwise they’d be looking into downtown toronto apartments instead for even more housing options. Those who are living in this housing development have had issues in the past and are living a clean and sober lifestyle now. These are the type of community members that is going to help Springfield thrive as part of historic Jacksonville.

Needless to say, the debate over the property sales has gotten heated. It will be another month or two for certain before any decision about the future of the residence is determined.