Summer Staycation: How your Property Sale can Give you that Vacation Feeling

For many of us, summer is the time of year we look forward to throughout all the other seasons. In Florida, by the time summer gets here many of us are wondering why on earth we were so anxious for the long and hot days. As kids, summer was the time of year for vacations, and so whether you have kids or not, and whether you get summers off or not, many of us still hope to take some sort of break this summer.

If you are on the search for a new home in Jacksonville, or residential property management opportunities in Jacksonville, then a staycation may be perfect for you.

Of course, taking a break away from everything isn’t always practical. If you only have a few days off, taking time out of your vacation to travel isn’t always the greatest of ideas. This is where the idea of a staycation came from. Go for it: use those vacation days! Instead of putting funds into traveling around the world, get in your car and drive to the home depot. There are a few budget renovations you can take on that will make your home feel like a vacation destination—but the best part is those feelings will last year round.

Here are a few ways that you can make your staycation spectacular:

Create a garden oasis: Head out into the backyard and get going with your garden. Dig in the dirt, water the plants, light up your garden with an outstanding solar flood light and make a nice place where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors of your own home. Remember, the sky and sunshine are going to be as good as they get here in Florida, so you might as well take advantage!

Gussy up the guestroom: Have a look at all of those dream homes and go for it! Create a paradise of a guest room and then give yourself a night or two to stay in it. Just having a room in your home that is free of pets, children and other day-to-day disasters can make your home feel a bit more superb.

Paint the walls: You don’t need to paint the town red to have a good time. Paint the walls, find some great new furnishings at a thrift shop and have a good time giving your home a whole new look.

Take on these simple renovation projects before taking your vacation, and then use your vacation time to sit back and really enjoy what is going on in your home. You might find that a stay at the Vacation Condominiums is actually the most relaxing kind of vacation out there.