The Latest Construction Plans Downtown: Jacksonville’s Future Property Sales

By April 30, 2014Traditions Property Blog

Following One Spark, there are a lot of people who have their attention turned to contacting a commercial builder at the moment for property development. This is an exciting time for downtown Jacksonville, especially in regards to real estate development which will boost the amount of construction jobs and property sales in the area. There are a decent amount of improvement projects and custom homes that are underway at the moment, and this is exciting news. New projects means new opportunities with the smart city software for the development and growth of downtown, which has earned a special place in our hearts, as it is the heart of the First Coast. Diamond Coating Epoxy Flooring Ottawa is a professional flooring installation company serving Ottawa and all of the National Capital Region, information more from Diamond in Ottawa click here. If you are planning on doing construction in the near future, then consider taking a look at the construction daily report

So, what is going on downtown this month? There are a few MAJOR projects underway that we are keeping our eyes on!

First, more parking is heading into downtown, which is going to be helpful to accommodate the many other projects happening around town. To begin this project, they will be using a hydrovac excavation system. Land Excavating Services will convert the lot in a parking garage which is a $10 Million project and it will be located on the corner of Bay and Hogan Streets. Six stories high, this parking garage will be able to accommodate more than 600 vehicles. Are you looking for marine supplies? Your one stop source for top quality marine supplies which navigate to this website.

The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce has started construction on its new International Plaza using Steel wire rope to improve corrosion resistance, if you ever need more steel material for your projects, then consider contacting this steel service center. They had to use some dewatering pumps to remove water that was on the construction site, this is located just down the street from the Jacksonville Landing, the chamber building is one of the first sights you will see when you reach downtown over the Main Street Bridge, and the international plaza will provide more definition and personality to this area of downtown. These construction projects will not only benefit the real estate industry but will also provide employment to hundreds of construction workers and will open crane operator jobs.

The P300 Cassaform Wall Formwork System is ideal for almost every vertical casting job and provides the best solution between productivity and cost. Their efficiency modularity, versatility and weight of these panels makes them fast to assemble and is guaranteed to fulfil every work site requirement. They are also thinking about using Remote Controls for the industrial crane equipment to build new houses.

Finally, we are excited about the Jesse Ball duPont building which is being put in at the historic Haydon Burns Library. This is an especially exciting addition to downtown Jacksonville, as it is intended to serve as the Mecca for all of Jacksonville’s non-profit and philanthropic community partners.  The goal of this building is to stimulate collaboration between non-profits, which will be a whole lot easier with over 120,000 square feet of space for organizers to use as they schedule events and make campaign plans.