The Story Behind Historic Five Points

By February 16, 2016Traditions Property Blog
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As you spend your time looking at property sales in Jacksonville, considering the investment opportunities of Florida foreclosures or evaluating the perks of rental property management in Jacksonville, you might come across a very busy intersection in the heart of the Riverside and Avondale district that will snap you right out of your day dream and leave a big question mark in the middle of your mind. This is historic five points, a beloved spot for Jacksonville locals and a traffic nightmare for those who are new in town.

The Story Behind Historic Five Points

The historic five points area is home to bars, boutiques, restaurants, antique stores and an old historic theater, making it a very popular destination on weekends and during the evenings. The area is defined by a roundabout that routes several pretty-busy thoroughfares in the Riverside area into one small, congested circle. The biggest of these roads, Park Steet, will take you directly through Riverside and into Avondale in one direction, and down towards the heart of downtown Jacksonville in the other.

historic five pointsThe five point’s district has over 100 years of history. The area has always been a popular business spot, mainly for its ideal proximity both to the downtown businesses and to the many houses that popped up in the suburban area surrounding downtown Jacksonville—the communities we now refer to as Avondale and Riverside. Much of the initial construction for the five-points area came during the 1910’s and 1920’s, the years leading up to the great depression that were marked by great economic boon for many people, especially after the war.

The Five Points Theater was first opened in 1927, for example. This theater was the first theater in Florida to play talking pictures—movies with sound to them—and was one of the earliest of the kind across the whole United States. The theater has changed hands a few times now, but still stands and is open for business, showing one film at a time in a beautiful and unique dining theater.

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