The Winter Blues

By December 20, 2012Traditions Property Blog

Keeping the cold air out and the warm air in is on the minds of many people this month in Jacksonville. The trick is finding the right insulation for the job.

December is one month of the year when most of us think of home more than any other season. We deck our halls, take time off of work and even purchase trees to sit in our living room so we don’t need to leave the house to witness a bit of nature. For a lot of people, the layout of a home for the holidays is even on the list of considerations when exploring property sales in Jacksonville. However, with the winter come other considerations that many of us don’t take into account during other parts of the year—like how to manage the cold weather. You should visit this website to know importance and benefit of composite decking.

Here in Jacksonville cold fronts are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean they never come. And when they do come it is up to you to protect your house from cold air and potential freezes. Hiring the correct insulation contractor for optimum heating as well as deck maintenance, check over here. You can check out TSS Home Comfort’s heating services for Nampa if you need a contractor.

Don’t forget to hire a local technician for a Furnace tune up. You may also want to consider having a furnace repair this season with the help of professional furnace repair services. Having a furnace installation will surely be an advantage to you as this will make your home warm and cozy despite the cold air outside so consider getting a furnace repair in Barlett if needed. You can check out sites like for additional guidance.

Here are a few tips to cold-proof your home for the winter this year:

  • Thermal window covers: These are a great tool for keeping the warm air in and cold air out—even when there aren’t specific cracks that need to be addressed. These window covers are made of a thick insulating plastic. Spray foam insulation chicago provides an unmatchable residential foam insulation service and that old-fashioned clean-up-after-yourself attitude. You can cut the pieces of plastic to the size of your windows, and once the film is attached you won’t be able to see the thermal lining at all.
  • Weather stripping: Don’t know where your air is leaking from? Take a candle and hold it up to your doors and windows. Where the light flickers and pulls there is a leak. Weather stripping is available at your local home improvement store in all widths, and you can cut it to be the right length. This is great for doors and windows.
  • Drapes: If you are looking for more of an aesthetic fix to help keep the cold air outside then turn to thermal drapes. These drapes or curtains are heavily lined and will stop cold air from passing through. To work efficiently, however, the drapes will need to be fully drawn.
  • Let the faucet drip: It might sound odd that wasting water could help your home, but it won’t be a waste when it stops your pipes from freezing. On nights of a freeze warning let the hot and cold taps drip lightly. The running water will help prevent the pipes from freezing over, which could save you a bundle of money.

Winters are often brief in Jacksonville, but you still need to be prepared. As you prepare your home for a property sale or fix up a recently acquired Florida foreclosure keep these simple strategies in mind to stay warm and toasty all winter long.