Tim Tebow Buys New Home in Jacksonville

The former Florida Gator quarterback and Heisman trophy winner has returned home to Jacksonville, and all appearances are that he is here to stay and already changed the locks of his new home with help of he local locksmith. And who can blame him? Where would you rather be when you have a home to return to as beautiful as his newly built Ponte Vedra mini mansion?

Several news outlets jumped at the chance to take an inside look into the home and we are no exception. The mansion was priced at 1.4 million dollars and features five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms and more than 6,000 square feet of living space. The home is part of the Kernan Glen private club consulting and country club properties for sale, a rather exclusive neighborhood that features grand properties, large lots and plenty of amenities that the super athlete will be able to enjoy. If you are interested in joining country club getting a country club membership.

There are many who wished his moving to Jacksonville was indicative of his involvement with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but Tebow has not signed any new contracts with the NFL. Instead, he has taken a position that will put him more permanently on the side-lines as a correspondent with ESPN’s new SEC Network. We can expect Tim Tebow to be covering many Florida games in the coming months, in between his lazy afternoons spent at his luxury property sale in Jacksonville.