Time to Move! Packing Tips for your Next Property Sale

By January 15, 2013Traditions Property Blog

For many people, the most dreaded aspect of searching for new property sales in Jacksonville and perusing Florida foreclosures is the looming threat of packing up all of your earthly belongings and putting it on the moving truck. It’s not all bad though, as every day people hire experienced furniture removal services to do the task for them, so they don’t need to figure out how to dismantle their king size bed or get their wrap-around sofa out of the tiny door way and across the front lawn.

The act of moving can be stressful if you’re not careful. Changing your address to your new address is probably one of the less stressful part of moving compared to having to pack-up an entire house. Even so, it is not something to do last minute. It’s important to make the switch of address before the move or else your mail will not follow you to your new address. Your bills, monthly subscriptions and what not will be sitting in your former home and I doubt you’d want to miss any payments. If you want to temporary change of address, do visit here.

When you are getting ready to move, one of the things that is likely on your “to do” list is to turn in a USPS Change of Address form to your post office.  This ensures that mail that is still addressed to your old address will be forwarded to your new one.  But people getting ready to move are very busy, and may not want the hassle of going to the post office to find the form and fill it out.  There is now good news for busy movers.  You can now fill out a USPS Change of Address online in as little as 2 minutes! You can also avail of the services of these Corporate Office Movers.

The good news is that there are now 3rd party sites that will submit your USPS Change of Address to the Postal service on your behalf for free.  There is a simple one page form that takes 2 minutes to fill out. You simply go to the site, fill out the form, and click “submit” and they will promptly and securely send the information to the Postal Service.  There is no searching to find the form, no credit card is required.  You will receive verification of your address change by email and by regular mail at your old and new addresses.

Moving is tough to do, but it is an integral aspect of the property sales process. Whether you are moving from one Jacksonville rental property management program to another or are finally making the leap from a rental property to a property sale or foreclosure, physically moving is something you are going to have to face. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid damage during a move. With so many items to keep an eye on, it’s understandable if something is unintentionally bumped or knocked over. You have a higher chance of avoiding such damage when you use a professional removalists gold coast. Ensure however, that you check whether your prospective removalist has a guarantee to cover your items in the event that they become damaged during the move. A damage guarantee is a mark of an honest, reliable company, and it will help you weed out the less favourable options. If a moving company is promising to take care of your belongings, then they should make your short list. You may also need to search for a self storage unit if your new place is not yet ready or some renovations are currently being done.

Luckily enough there are a few essential tips you can follow to reduce the hassle associated with your next move. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Pack everything first. There is nothing worse than letting moving day arrive only to still be taping up boxes and wrapping glass items in paper. When it is time to put boxes on the truck everything should be ready to go.
  2. Label everything. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you to learn that when they are taped up boxes all look the same. Use a sharpie to your advantage and do as much labeling as you can. Label boxes by the room they go in, what they contain and if they hold fragile material make that bold and clear.
  3. There is such a thing as free boxes. Avoid using makeshift packing materials like trash bags and grocery bags by finding as many boxes as you can. While moving stores sell sturdy boxes, you can find plenty of boxes for free by stopping by your local liquor or grocery store. Call ahead and ask when the best time is to pick up boxes. Most stores are happy to give them away as it saves their employees the hassle of breaking them down and throwing them out. If needed get help from a moving company like movers Bronx.
  4. Pack what you need to use now first. A lot of people leave what they think they’ll need right away for last, but in the end the items that you are going to need to use today (think: toiletries, underwear, pants, shoes…) end up being thrown in with the items you never use and don’t know what else to do with. What you should do is try to plan ahead for this, that way the residential movers you hire will have an easier time and be able to do their job faster. Do yourself a favor and pack what you need now in an overnight bag and keep it off to the side. This will make finding what you need during the move much easier. If you have too much stuff that you don’t need anymore, consider putting it in a self storage so that you don’t have to move everything to the new house.

What other tips do you have for moving without the hassle? Remember, finding the property sale is just the first step. Getting there with all of your belongings is sometimes the hardest part!