‘Tis the Season for… Fires? Helpful Hints to Avoid Disaster

By November 16, 2018Traditions Property Blog

‘Tis the season for… fires? Yep. Not exactly what you or your landlord want for the holidays. Here are some helpful hints to avoid on Thanksgiving and Christmas that everyone will remember for all the wrong reasons to check the electric usage and with the company https://wastewaterpro.com/collections the water tips for your home. The best way you can ensure that your home is protected from a fire is by installing fire suppression systems to have any flame put out instantly.

Fried Turkeys

You might want to re-think your cooking method. Although tasty, The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports numerous turkey-fryer related fires, burns, explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning incidents yearly.  Number one rule for turkey fryers: use outside only, and away from your home. Covered or enclosed areas such as the garage or the porch increase the risk for hazard. Don’t overfill the oil in the turkey fryer or leave the turkey fryer unattended. It might be time to consider the new oil-less turkey fryers now on the market!


Living in Florida, we have such little time for weather suitable for a nice fire. But keep in mind the combustible, seasonal decorations and their proximity to your fireplace. Shortly after Thanksgiving, the Christmas decorations line your mantle. With 80-degree temperatures, our evergreens begin to dry out quickly. Don’t burn wreaths or wrapping paper in fireplaces. These items tend to burn hotter with higher flames than wood or pre-formed logs. Do you know when the fireplace was last cleaned?

Aunt Ida’s yearly Christmas candle may be the last gift you receive. Don’t burn candles near Christmas trees, curtains or other dry, flammable items. Using a company like https://www.ose.net.au/ offers Mechanical, Electrical, Fire and Hydraulics, Solar Generation & Security engineering consulting services who work collaboratively with architects, clients and design teams to deliver high performance buildings inclusive of new, renovated and re purposed developments. Some artsy candles contain dried foliage or flowers. These can easily catch fire as the wick burns down. You can see at the website more fire safety information.

Although staring into a warm fire or candle may relax you, it can also put you to sleep. Unattended flames equate to danger for persons and property. You may want to have rainwater tanks for any emergency such as a wild fire or even if you run out of water.


Decorations are usually primarily concentrated in one or two rooms. Keep extension cords and fiber optics cables tucked away from decorations and out of main traffic areas. As per this electrical contractor, we should not overload circuits with excessive extension cords and power strips that may be in poor condition. When you have overloaded circuits, it might lead to fire. When this happens, you may call this electrician in Tumwater, WA or contractors near you.

Are you the host? Electricians in Tampa say that you have to help guests avoid overloading and short-circuiting your outlets with electronic devices, hair dryers, and appliances. We love our historic neighborhoods, but they typically run short on outlets. According to professionals like W3 Electric – McKinney Electrician, don’t add more outlets with a power strip, but instead unplug items not being used to make room for additions.

Stay safe and ring in a new year!