Tools for the New Homebuyer

By October 20, 2012Traditions Property Blog

Congratulations! You just bought your first home. You sifted through all of the property sales in Jacksonville, explored different foreclosures in Florida and decided against pursuing another year of rental property management. You officially own your own home—now what?

This is a question many first time home buyers ultimately end up asking themselves shortly after getting their keys, check over here why this question is so important. After renting for years chances are you’ve got moving and unpacking down, but now when you realize the hot water isn’t working the task of fixing it is on you or now you realize there is an issue with your roof so you have to hire some roofing services.

And at the end, you know you have to take care of the small problems at home, because if you don’t get those roofing services now that the problem is small, you’ll end up having to do much more work than expected. You can check this link right here now for a full collection of roofing services.


Here are the top 10 tools every first time home buyer will need (and most don’t already have!).

  • Cordless drill: Works for everything from putting up storm shutters to hanging a picture. If you can find one, go for one with a rechargeable battery. Invest in cheap blinds that fit properly so they don’t fly open on their own when there’s a storm.
  • Garden hose: Don’t let the name fool you—garden hoses are necessary for those who have no intention of planting a garden.
  • Ladder: This should be among the first purchases you make when you buy a home. Ladders come in handy during the moving process, but are also your only means of checking out what’s going on up on the roof and making sure if you need a new roof installation or an asphalt shingle roof installation for the next winter or just a clean up.
  • Circular saw: After you own your own home the projects will pile up. Do yourself a favor and be prepared to tear into those cabinets before you start.
  • Tape measure: For everything from measuring if that new couch will fit to determining how long your curtains adelaide should be, you’ll need a tape measure.
  • Stud finder: When you are new to a home you’ll keep being surprised by the troubles you find when trying to hang a simple picture. A stud finder will prevent pictures from falling off the walls and hammers making holes in the plaster.
  • Screwdriver: Get a few different sizes, and one of each type. Screwdrivers are necessary for even the most basic of tasks.
  • Level: The cell phone apps are great, but sometimes it is better not to put your smartphone in harm’s way while working on a DIY project. Levels are inexpensive but are incredibly useful.
  • Pliers: You’ll need a sturdy pair of pliers more often than you know it. Whether you are fixing an old pipe, switching out a door handle or a plethora of other small projects, good pliers can make the difference between a 5 minute project and an hour long chore.
  • Hammer: This is one of the most basic tools but so many people are shocked when they realize they don’t own a reliable one. It doesn’t need to be heavy duty, but a basic hammer will give you more accuracy when doing household chores than any heavy book, water bottle or other hammer-replacement you might dream up.