Top Things to Think About when Looking at Property Sales

When it comes time to go property sale shopping all caution can quickly fly out the window. If you aren’t careful it is easy to become swept up in the moment and to think about nothing more than being done with you move and starting the next phase of your life. But this attitude can lead to trouble when it comes to finding the perfect property.

Whether you are looking at new construction homes or are planning on purchasing a Jacksonville short sale or foreclosure, there are a couple things that you should not let drop from your mind.

1. Stay firm with bedroom numbers. Sure, that house might have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, but with only two bedrooms it will be a tight squeeze for your soon to be family of four—especially when guests arrive. Stay smart and be firm with the number of rooms you are looking for.

2. Where are the bathrooms? True, you don’t need more than one bathroom when you are living by yourself, but where is that bathroom located? If the only commode in the home is through the master bedroom, that might prove troublesome down the road—especially if you decide to take in a roommate or have a house guest. Think about the location and layout of the house, as well as how many rooms there are.

3. That’s a big yard. You might be awestruck by the size of a property, especially when you are exploring foreclosure and short sale options. While the yard may look tantalizing, be practical. If you’ve never had green space to tend to before a huge yard with either feel liberating or become a huge hassle. Consider the maintenance that goes into tending to a yard before taking on the challenge.

These are just a few thoughts worth considering when looking at property sales in Jacksonville. For more expert advice on finding the perfect home for your needs, contact your real estate expert.