Update on 220 Riverside: Lots of Progress!

By February 19, 2014Traditions Property Blog

Take a drive down Riverside Avenue and you’ll be blown away by the progress that is happening at 220 Riverside!

The basic foundation of the building is up and we are starting to see some of the fabulous details that we’ve seen advertised in the conceptual images they’ve put out for us to enjoy. All appearances would say that the entire plaza will be absolutely ready to go by their projected Labor Day deadline.

This is fascinating news for us here in Riverside as we are anxiously awaiting the opening of this center. Now that we can see the construction moving along so well, we want to know who is going to be there!

A lot of local business owners have their eyes on Unity Plaza, and word on the street is that the owners of 220 Riverside are in touch with our local business owners, helping them to make a decision as to whether or not they’ll become part of the excitement.

We don’t have any word as to who will be there yet, but we can expect to see a series of restaurants, bars and potentially even a bakery open up in 220 Riverside. There is a lot of chatter around the web as to where all the pieces will fall once they open up come Labor Day, and it is hard to make any certainties out of all of that gossip. One thing is for certain, however. Property sales in Jacksonville will be a whole new ball game following the opening of 220 Riverside. That, and you shouldn’t be making any other plans for Labor Day of this year!