Welcome to Rockville Brings Jacksonville Downtown, Again

By April 25, 2014Traditions Property Blog

One Spark may be over, but the dust could hardly settle before our Jacksonville community was heading back downtown to celebrate another fun experience. As you search for property sales in Jacksonville, take some time to have fun downtown at the Welcome to Rockville music festival.

The Welcome to Rockville music festival has become a staple for the springtime for many who live and play in Jacksonville, and after talk that last year would be the last time this music festival could grace the St. Johns River, the concert is back for 2014 and has made promises to be as loud and exciting as ever.

Welcome to Rockville is easily the biggest concert to come to Jacksonville annually. It features a total of 40 bands and brings thousands of fans to Metro Park. This year, the festival is happening the last weekend in April. Local radio stations have brought in some huge names in music, including A Day to Remember, Avenged Sevenfold, Rob Zombie, Korn and Five Finger Death Punch. Each of these bands are pretty major in the rock community, and have gotten plenty of Jacksonville residents excited about this music festival.

Last year, residents who lived along the St. Johns River complained that the noise from concerts at Metro Park is too loud for their comfort level, and petitioned to have Metro Jax banned from hosting further concerts. This was a point of stress in the community for some time, as many Welcome to Rockville and other concert goers only come downtown for major events like this, and banning concerts could have become a financial hit to the downtown area.

Thankfully, the ban was unsuccessful and concerts at Metro Park continue to be scheduled. This is a great boost to the downtown economy, and with all of the recent events downtown many are finding themselves regularly visiting local establishments they wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for these huge festivals and community events.

Welcome to Rockville is going on April 26th and 27th downtown at Metro Park in Jacksonville.