When Property Sales Give You a Breath of Fresh Air

By January 27, 2013Traditions Property Blog

When was the last time you took a long, deep breath and felt the clarity of the fresh air flowing through your lungs? Between the pollen outside and the dust inside there are many people who are rarely able to enjoy the freshness of the air inside their home or out of it.

Besides the pollen, fumes, pet dander, smog and second hand smoke can all interfere with your ability to breathe easily and can seriously aggravate even the mildest case of allergies. With all the packing and hustling and bustling that goes on in preparation, during and following a move, dust could be making a huge cloud in your home, leaving you with no respite from the hassle of contaminated air.

As you explore property sales in Jacksonville or evaluate different Florida foreclosures in the area it can be hard to really appreciate all that you are looking at thanks to your inability to breathe. The good news is that there are a series of small steps you can take to improve the quality of air inside of your home—even if it is much more difficult to change what is going on in the air once you walk out your front door. Consider having air conditioning repair if your unit is not working properly as that can generate more allergens.

  • Purchase indoor houseplants: Have a look inside your potential home for where the lighting is best suited for some indoor houseplants. Putting a bit of greenery indoors can make a huge difference in the quality of air you are breathing. You can settle two tasks at once by turning your indoor garden into a work of art by making it vertical.
  • Go natural: Discard your chemical laden cleaning solutions and opt instead for all natural products that use the powerful disinfectant abilities of nature to clean your home and give everything from your countertops to your bathtub a radiant, yet natural shine.
  • Get rid of the scents: Scents are used to cover up smells. Instead of covering up a smell you are having trouble breathing in try eliminating it. Using natural cleaning products like suggested above can help you with this process. Once you eliminate those odor-causing problems, you can opt for a reed diffuser because it emanates a soothing fragrance.
  • Let the air move: The air outside is making you sneeze but you can’t breathe very well inside either. The answer may be to mix it up a bit by opening the windows and putting on the fans. By stimulating air circulation you may find you are better able to breathe after all. If you prefer having the windows closed, then consider getting an ac installation. For those who already have their own cooling system but have noticed that it’s failing constantly, then make sure to get an air conditioning repair

As you search for property sales and foreclosures in Jacksonville basic, essential tasks like breathing and coping with allergies will not leave you at bay. Embracing a few of these air cleansing techniques can really help you make a house into a home.