Will tolls impact your commute?

By January 7, 2014Traditions Property Blog

There are a lot of things people look for in a new home. Some of the most common factors include a large bathroom, a certain number of bedrooms or a fenced in yard. But whether you are looking at property sales in Jacksonville or are hoping to take advantage of some of the great rental prices on properties through rental property management, there is one factor that just about everyone considers: your commute.

Where you work helps shape where you live. Your salary dictates your budget for a home, while your hours and company role may influence how close to your workplace you want to live. Ultimately, just about every person considers how far there commute would be from a certain property.

This is why changes to a major highway pattern will influence so many people’s personal lives, and why it is important for everyone to be aware of the proposed changes that we can expect soon along the I-295 beltway through Jacksonville’s Southside. The City of Jacksonville and the Florida Department of Transportation have decided  to add some tolls to this highway in an effort to alleviate some congestion on the roads, while also generating a mild level of income for the city.

Tolls will not be put on the entirety of the I-295 beltway, but for those who do use the road as a method of daily commute, you may want to pay attention. The tolls will be used to create an “express lane” on the highway. The intention is to alleviate some traffic on the main road by having motivated drivers pay a small fee to travel on a closed road. The toll road will have much less traffic, and therefore should actually help reduce your commute.

A lot of people are anxious about this proposed change, as this will involve some traffic and ultimately some major changes as we grow accustomed to the new traffic pattern that will have to be developed to accommodate tolls. In the end, however, the Florida Department of Transportation is hopeful that creating the tolls will actually make your commute easier. If you are currently looking for a home to buy or rent, you may want to take this upcoming construction project into consideration.