With Property Sales & Foreclosures, Millennials Say “I’ll DIY”

The Millennial generation gets spoken of often when it comes to anything to do with the economy. The Millennial generation is constitute by those currently between the age of 18 and 35—the age group who came of age during the earliest years of the new millennium. Part of the reason this generation gets so much attention is purely circumstantial. This age group was hit exceptionally hard by the 2008 fiscal crisis. This is the generation of young people who had recently started entry level positions when the nationwide layoffs first came into play. This also includes the young families who had recently purchased property sales in Jacksonville and across the United States at the height of the housing bubble before home prices dropped and foreclosures were looming.

Thanks to all of the factors mentioned above, the millennial generation came of age with frugality and fiscal responsibility on their mind. As a general rule, many who fall into this age category found themselves having a difficult time starting out of the gate. Between job layoffs, expensive home prices and sudden economic decline, it is no surprise to many that one of the biggest shared characteristics of the Millennial generation is their ability to make do—and that is something that is translating over to trends in the housing market.

Experts are calling Millennial the “DIY generation.” As the economy calms down, more Millennials are expressing interest in property sales in Jacksonville and are looking through the short sales and foreclosures here in town. With housing prices still low and mortgage rates more affordable than ever, many Millennials are turning their back on the still affordable rental property management opportunities and opting instead for homes of their own that they can repair any which way they choose.

This desire for DIY or fixer-upper properties among Millennials offers a stark contrast to the likes of this generation’s parents, or the baby boomer generation, but if you really want your property to look with a great professional look for selling is better to get professional designers such as a wooden gate fitter uk to improve your property even from the entrance. This older generation held a large preference for cookie-cutter style homes with luxurious amenities. For the Millennials, vintage appeal is huge. These young homeowners are interested in the great deals on short sales and foreclosures and are not scared to take a hammer to a wall—as long as the home can still get wifi, of course.